Decoding the Mystery Behind Eczema’s Itch: One Step Closer

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Decoding the Mystery Behind Eczema’s Itch: One Step Closer

Eczema is a common condition involving inflammation of the skin. This condition makes the skin red, dry and itchy, causing substantial discomfort to those affected. Various treatment methods exist for eczema; however, the causes of its redness and itching remain largely unknown. A recent study may be close to unlocking the mystery behind the itching and inflammation associated with eczema. What have they found so far?

Lipids May be to Blame

The study was conducted on mice, utilizing a method known as tape stripping to trigger itching and inflammation. Upon doing so, researchers found high contents of leukotrienes (lipids produced by white blood cells known as neutrophils) in the tested area. Researchers then placed neutrophils directly onto the skin of the mice, which sure enough reactivated the itching and inflammation.

Findings Could Prove Helpful in Fight Against Eczema

This promising study is still in its early stages, so it is too soon to draw any conclusions. In addition, once researchers fully understand the effects of leukotrienes on mice, the study will need to be repeated on humans. If leukotrienes are found to cause itching and inflammation in humans as well, leukotriene-blocking agents could then become a useful treatment option for those suffering from eczema.

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