Can Psoriasis Increase One’s Risk of Diabetes?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Can Psoriasis Increase One’s Risk of Diabetes?

Psoriasis is a common condition affecting millions of Americans with its flaky, itchy skin patches. While psoriasis itself is not a dangerous condition, it has recently been linked in multiple studies to an increased risk of stroke, metabolic syndrome and heart problems. Based on a new study, an additional condition may be associated with psoriasis: diabetes. What exactly did the study find?

Mixed Results, But Onto Something

The study evaluated 538,848 patients, 108,132 of whom did not have psoriasis. In the end, less than 1 out of 1,000 psoriasis patients also developed diabetes. On the other hand, patients with severe psoriasis were 53 percent more likely to be prescribed hypoglycemic medications as well as insulin. Given these mixed results, what is the scientific link between psoriasis and diabetes?

Its Inflammation is More Than Skin Deep

Psoriasis occurs when there is an imbalance of proteins known as cytokines, which are responsible for the resulting inflammation. These cytokines may also cause the body to resist insulin, one of the main factors associated with diabetes. If this is confirmed to be true, doctors should advise psoriasis patients to adjust their lifestyles to minimize their risk of diabetes.

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