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Male face, patient at Botox treatmentThoughts of BOTOX typically conjure the image of a middle-aged woman trying to reduce wrinkles on her forehead. While this image has been the traditional BOTOX patient, men have increasingly been seeking BOTOX as well. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this past decade has seen a 258 percent rise in the amount of men that have undergone BOTOX. What has lead to this drastic increase?

Appearance-, Cost-, and Time-Conscious

Society today places more emphasis on outward appearances than ever before, especially at work. As a result, many individuals – both women and men – feel pressured to maintain a youthful appearance, as they feel this will help them advance in their careers. Facelifts and other plastic surgery procedures may offer a more youthful facial appearance, but their associated recovery period and costs leave them out of reach to many. On the other hand, BOTOX and injectable fillers tend to be more affordable, require minimal downtime, and since they are temporary, any side effects are as well.

Treatment Levels for Everyone

With BOTOX, it is possible to treat as much – or as little – as you wish. This makes BOTOX an attractive option to men, who tend to prefer subtle treatment of specific areas of concern, such as forehead wrinkles. Women, on the other hand, typically choose BOTOX for a full makeover. Both groups enjoy the minimally-invasive nature of BOTOX that allows them to return to work immediately afterwards.

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Whether you want to correct wrinkles in specific areas or on the entire face, BOTOX and injectable fillers are excellent options for those that do not wish to undergo surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss which options are best for you. At Advanced Dermatology, PC, our board-certified dermatologists have been expertly trained in BOTOX and injectable fillers. For those seeking plastic surgery, we also have board-certified plastic surgeons. Our conveniently located offices welcome patients from Queens (Bayside, Flushing/Fresh Meadows), Long Island – Nassau/Suffolk (Roslyn/Albertson, West Islip, Commack, East Setauket), New York City, Westchester County (Ossining), Bergen County, NJ, Union County, NJ, and all surrounding areas.

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