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Your child is heading back to school. You know what that means, right? Skincare! It’s time to get your kids ready for the new year with a fresh and healthy routine that will teach them to prioritize their skin health. Since we know busy moms and dads don’t always have a lot of time, here are three routines ready-made for children at different stages of development.

Preschool-Aged Children (Ages 2-5)

Children ages 2-5 can walk without assistance; they learn new words quickly and become more independent about dressing, bathing, and hygiene. While it might be frustrating sometimes, this independent streak can be helpful, because your kids will be very interested in acting like a grown-up.

When bedtime rolls around, try setting up a little station next to you in your bathroom, so that they can mirror you when you complete your nighttime skincare routine. Being able to do kid versions of adult routines can help foster that little independent streak and help them learn at the same time. This doesn’t mean that parents have to go to bed when kids do, but If you can, add their products into travel-sized containers for them to use. These are often better suited to little hands, and they will love having their own special products.

If you’re just starting, and your toddler isn’t a fan of anything touching their face, a soft, microfiber cloth may help. At this age, gentle products are a must, so stick to a mild baby cleanser, and start helping them to use sunscreen whenever possible.

Elementary School Children (Age 6-11)

Since your kids are getting a little older, they’ll be seeking out more and more independence. This is a perfect time to start reinforcing good skincare habits with a simple routine setup. You can reinforce their independence by giving them more control over their skincare routine.

Start with just a mild cleanser and a lightweight moisturizer (products formulated for babies still work great for this), and finish off the routine with daily sunscreen application. For kids on the younger end of the spectrum, try incentivizing the routine with a sticker chart!

Building and internalizing these habits now can carry over into adulthood, so start early. A child who starts a skincare routine will become an adult who has healthy skin habits.

Middle School Children (Ages 11 and up)

When your child hits the preteen age, skincare is going to get noticeably more complicated, and finding skin products that work may become more of an expensive trial. This is when you’re going to want to start thinking about finding a regular dermatologist for your child if you haven’t already because puberty can change their skin significantly.

All preteens will benefit from a routine that involves washing, toning, and moisturizing, but now is the time to keep an eye on how products are interacting with your child’s skin. It’s also time to instill a morning and evening skincare routine if you haven’t already.

Want to set up an appointment for your preteen? Set up a consultation with us today, and we’ll be happy to advise you on how to keep your child’s skin happy and healthy.

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