Are Anti-Cellulite Creams Worth It?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Are Anti-Cellulite Creams Worth It?

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First of all, there is very little scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of anti-cellulite creams. If they are effective at all, however, they do not remove cellulite permanently and need to be reapplied indefinitely to keep the results. In order for a topical cellulite treatment to be effective it must penetrate through multiple skin layers to the fat. This makes it likely that the creams only reduce the appearance of cellulite and don’t actually remove the fat. Certain products like Retin-A thicken the skin, which makes cellulite less visible but doesn’t remove the fat. In case you didn’t know:

  • Cellulite is common in women and is genetically determined
  • Cellulite is a normal storage pattern for fat and is not the result of poor health choices
  • While diet and exercise can help to some degree, even weight loss will not completely diminish cellulite

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