Another Reason to Think Against Tattoos

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man-with-tattooFor varying, often personal reasons, millions of Americans have tattoos on their bodies. In addition to regret, some individuals experience allergic reactions to the ink of their tattoos. More recently, researchers in Germany have found that tattoos may cover up moles and lesions, making it difficult to detect skin cancer. What specifically did they find?

Tattoos: Concealer of Skin Cancer

Researchers with the University of Heidelberg, Germany, pointed to the case study of a 29-year-old man with a tattoo on his arms and chest. Ten years later, the patient sought tattoo removal, during which a mole on his shoulder was uncovered. Further tattoo removal was stopped until the mole was biopsied. The mole turned out to be a malignant melanoma. What can we take from this to preserve the safety of tattoo removal patients.

Skin Examinations Absolutely Necessary Before Tattoo Removal

Sixteen other cases of tattoos hiding melanoma have been documented in medical literature. While laser tattoo removal is still relatively safe, patients must first undergo a complete skin examination by a board-certified dermatologist. If anything suspicious is found, a biopsy needs to be taken to determine the presence of skin cancer. If the biopsy results are positive, the skin cancer must be removed before tattoo removal can even be considered.

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