5 Sunscreen Myths Debunked

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5 Sunscreen Myths Debunked: sun protection creamProtection from the sun is very important for the skin. Being out in the sun without protection can increase the risk for sunburn, wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. It is estimated that 3.5 million cases are diagnosed annually. Your health is at risk if you’re not using sunscreen on a daily basis. Here are some common myths about sunscreen.

1. Sunscreen in makeup is enough protection against the sun.

SPF in makeup will not provide adequate protection for the skin. Due to the thickness of makeup, it would take seven times the amount of foundation and fourteen times the normal amount of powder to achieve adequate protection. Sunscreen should be applied under the makeup. Makeup with SPF is an additional protection but not much.

2. Sunscreen helps to avoid getting a tan.

Sunscreen will help to protect against harmful UV rays. However, it is possible to still get a tan while wearing a sunscreen.

3. Dark skin is immune to skin cancer.

People with more pigment in the skin have a lower risk for skin cancer but they are not immune to it. People with darker skin are often diagnosed after skin cancer has progressed to later stages because of this myth.

4. Tanning beds are safe when sunscreen is used.

Tanning beds are not safe, with or without sunscreen. No kind of tanning is safe. Sunscreen is meant to protect the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, sunscreen does not block UV-A1 rays that emit from tanning beds.

5. Last year’s sunscreen is OK to use.

Sunscreens have expiration dates but if you’re using it correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping it too long. If it is expired, it should be thrown out because it is very ineffective protection for the skin. If the sunscreen was left in direct sunlight or high heat, a new sunscreen should be purchased.

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