5 Questions about Injectable Fillers Answered

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog 5 Questions about Injectable Fillers Answered

Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on glancing in the mirror and seeing fine lines and deep wrinkles? Have you seen that a few regions of your face, for example, your lips and cheeks, are deficient with regards to a similar complexion they once had? Do you wish you could turn around the hands of time? Injectable dermal fillers might be the option to help.

People in Queens or the New York area are deciding on dermal fillers which are very adaptable and can help fight a few indications of maturing, particularly the troublesome crow’s feet around the eyes and grimace lines that structure between the eyebrows. Likewise, slim lips and indented cheeks can be made to look plumper.

1. What are injectable fillers?
Fillers are injected beneath the skin to fill in territories of the face where extra volume is wanted and to smooth out wrinkles. Also called dermal fillers, most are made out of hyaluronic acid while others are made of an engineered biodegradable substance called polylactic acid. Fillers are most popular by their image names including Juvéderm, Restylane, and Sculptra.

2. Are injectable fillers safe to use?
Yes. While facial fillers are generally safe, taking these steps can help ensure your safety: Use a licensed, well-trained, and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon to inject the filler. Always have the procedure done in a medical setting, not in someone’s home or at a mall kiosk.

3. How are injectable fillers used?
Patients who have moderate or profound wrinkles should seriously think about injectable fillers. They can smooth the lips and wrinkles around the mouth. Underneath the eyes, the territories where dark circles grow additionally can be improved, alongside crow’s feet around the edges of the eyes that are noticeable while grinning. Advanced Dermatology offers dermal fillers which can also improve the appearance of some facial scars, particularly those from skin inflammation, and acne.

4. Do injectable fillers hurt when applied?
It is not unusual to experience some mild discomfort and swelling at the injection sites, however, this should be temporary and usually resolves itself within a couple of hours of your procedure. Your dermatologist can offer some numbing cream that can be applied topically. Numbing medication can also be injected if you request it, however, most patients come in and get their fillers without anything that’s applied topically.

5. Will fillers make my face look fat?
There’s always this constant balance because a youthful face is typically a more full face. So it won’t make your face look fat, but you will look lifted. And there is a big difference. If you look at someone and can tell from a mile away, “Oh they’ve had fillers,” it may be someone who has been doing too much filler. The result is a condition typically referred to as “pillow face.” Even famous celebrities have fallen victim to over-injection.

The video below has Dr. Anthony Taglienti, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon answer a few of these questions:

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