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Bald Today…Hair Tomorrow

Bald Today…Hair Tomorrow The state of the art in Hair Restoration surgery involved the transplantation of minigrafts and micrografts from the … Read More

Diana Avakyan

Dr. Diana Avakyan is a Certified Physician Assistant with a Doctorate Degree in Medical Science from University of Lynchburg, specializing in … Read More

Pore-Minimizing Secrets

By Sally Wadyka February 21st, 2012 Pore-Minimizing Secrets Celebs and models always look so gorgeously pore-less in the photos staring out … Read More

Benign Skin Growths

    Benign Skin Growths By Sandy Feb 27, 2008 The skin is the organ most exposed to the outside environment … Read More


      Health Germophobia It’s viral, destructive and oozing into every crevice of our lives. You may already have been … Read More


For centuries, skin-care manufacturers have primarily dealt with beauty from the outside. But now a growing number of cosmetic brands — … Read More