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What is miraSmooth?

MiraMar Labs, the creators of miraDry™ has introduced their latest FDA approved procedure. This non-invasive treatment is a one-stop-shop for patients; eliminating: hair, sweat, and odor after 1-2 treatments.

In the past, most hair removal treatments were only available to patients with dark or coarse hair, not anymore! The microwave energy provided by miraSmooth™ allows it to be used on hair of any color, including white or light colored hair.

The hand-held miraSmooth™ device not only targets and kills hair follicles, but also targets sweat glands. The procedure has been proven to provide 70% of hair removal, 80% sweat reduction, and almost complete odor reduction.

The procedure takes up to an hour. Many patients have claimed to see significant changes after only 1 or 2 treatments. Follow-ups may be necessary as suggested by a physician.

After treatment some patients will experience swelling, soreness, and redness, nothing drastic enough to stop you from your daily activities. Although patients are advised to avoid vigorous exercise.

miraSmooth™ is NOT available at many places in the U.S. because of how new the procedure is; luckily our offices are equipped to conduct miraSmooth™ treatments.

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