What Dermatologists Need to Know about Laser Removal of Tattoos

STRETCH MARKS: “The most advocated treatment for stretch marks is the pulsed dye laser,” says New York City dermatologist Emmanuel R. Loucas, M.D. Four weeks beforehand, the skin is bleached with Retin-A. “Though the treatment can cause hyperpigmentation, which resolves quickly, bleaching agents are often used to minimize the effects,” says Dr. Loucas. The laser works by stimulating the collagen and remodeling the skin. Dr. Loucas recommends a series of treatments, especially if stretch marks are white. Sessions start at $350.

MICRODERMABRASION: “Acne is caused by hormonal changes, stress [both increase oil production], bacteria, and dead skin cells trapped under the skin’s surface,” says UCLA dermatologist Ronald Moy, M.D. Microdermabrasion, in which salt particles are transmitted through a tube onto skin and then vacuumed off, works by removing skin’s top layer. It is best for treating blemishes and pigmentation problems. Sessions start at $110 for 20 minutes. Yesenia Almonte

El laser es la major opcion a largo plazo. Los rayos laser se aplican sobre la piel y queman el foliculo. Costo: desde $200 a varios miles.

VENAS VARICOSAS: La onda radioelectrica VNUS es la alternativa a la cirugia. La onda disminuye el tamano de la vena. Costo: aproximadamente $2,000.

CELULITIS: La endermologia remueve las celulas grasas, activando la circulacion. Se necesitan entre 14 y 20 sesiones, y un programa de mantenimiento. Costo: $80, minimo, por session.

ETRIAS: El tratamiento Pulse Dye Laser estimula el colageno, remodelando la piel en varias sesiones. Cada session: $350.

MICRODERMABRASION: El tratamiento remueve la capa superior de la piel y es la mejor solucion para problemas de acne y pigmentacion. Costo: $110, minimo, por 20 minutos.

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