HGM Laser

This laser is a krypton-based laser, which is very effective to remove pigmented moles, arger capillaries of the face and superficial brown or black spots anywhere on the body. When combined with IPL, it is very useful to complete treatment in these areas. Most pigmented moles or warts are treated very effectively without surgery using the HGM laser. Unlike some lasers used to treat facial vessels, the Krypton laser generally produces no bruising.

How does the Krypton Laser work?

The Krypton Laser produces an intense beam of yellow or green light, depending on the settings. This light is selectively absorbed by certain colors, but not by others. Thus red, brown and black colored objects absorb the energy of the laser and convert it into heat. Other colors, including most skin colors, reflect rather than absorb the light and are thus protected from the energy of the laser. The darker the responsive color, the better the laser energy is absorbed. Thus dark growths on the skin of blacks will preferentially absorb the light and the skin will be protected. Because of the short pulse of the laser, the heat of the target area is dispersed before it does significant damage to the surrounding skin.

What results can you expect?

After the treatment the brown spots may be darker in color and many of the blood vessels are no longer visible. The brown spots will usually peel off in a week or two, leaving a slightly pink area. This will gradually become normal skin color although it can occasionally become darker or lighter than the surrounding skin. Almost always the normal skin color is restored with time.

The blood vessels tend to remain invisible, although occasionally, particularly in men with large vessels on the nose, vessels that are not visible when the patient leaves the office can re-open within a few days. These vessels will usually respond to subsequent treatments.

At the conclusion of the treatment the face is somewhat blotchy but this usually clears within 24 hours. If larger vessels have been treated, there can be some mild localized crusting that usually disappears within several days.

Do the treatments hurt?

There does tend to be some discomfort associated with the treatment, although the perception of discomfort varies greatly between individuals. Before the treatment we will give you a prescription for a topical anesthetic cream. Using this will significantly reduce the associated discomfort, although many patients do fine without the cream.

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