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“I traveled from New Jersey to see Dr. Bowe because I didn’t trust anyone in my area to do Sculptra. I’ve heard Sculptra is very technique/doctor-dependent, so I wanted to go to the best. Wise decision! I ended up coming back a total of 3 times to her office. She injected 2 vials the first time, 2 vials the second time (a month later) and then a 5th vial the last time (about a month after that). I’m in my 50’s, so I’m sure the number of vials has to do with your age, weight, etc. It was pricey, but worth every penny because I look absolutely incredible. Everyone compliments me, but it’s not obvious to anyone that I’ve “had work done.” The hollows under my eyes and in my cheeks are gone, and my skin is radiant. Dr. Bowe was meticulous with her injections, and she had such a soft touch that I barely felt any discomfort and hardly had any bruising or swelling. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!”

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