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Lines and wrinkles happen. But they can also unhappen. With Collagen® skin treatments you can just fill those little annoyances and be done with them. Collagen® treatments last from 3 to 6 months and take less than an hour in a doctor’s office. Results are immediate and recovery time is so short, you can sneak in a treatment at lunchtime. If you’re the sneaky kind, of course. Telling anyone, or not, is delightfully up to you.

Collagen® is actually part of the natural support structure of your skin. Wrinkles form when this natural Collagen® thins. This loss is mostly a factor of aging, exposure, pollution, health, heredity and lifestyle. Without enough Collagen®, wrinkles and lines start to form wherever the skin moves, Collagen® Replacement Therapy replenishes the skin’s collagen layer, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and adding definition to lip borders from the inside out. Results are immediate.

There are multiple types of collagen treatments available at Advanced Dermatology:
Zyderm® and Zyplast® Collagen® Implants, CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast® Collagen® Implants

While healing time varies, many people return to work the same day. People absorb Collagen® at varying rates, but treatments generally last 3 to 6 months. You and your doctor will customize a treatment program to meet your individual needs. No matter which options you choose, be sure you receive enough Collagen® to achieve the look you want.

What causes facial lines and wrinkles?
Facial lines and wrinkles are caused by the wearing down of the natural collagen support layer that lies just beneath your skin. External factors, such as exposure to the sun and pollution, and internal conditions, such as the body’s natural aging process, also contribute to the wearing down of the collagen layer.

The way your skin looks is directly related to the way your skin is supported.

Aging, disease, injury- these are some of the factors that can weaken the collagen fibers that give your skin its underlying strength. Until the 1970s, it wasn’t possible for doctors to replace damaged collagen.

What is collagen?
Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found throughout the body – in skin, muscles, tendons, and bones. Fibers of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework into which new cells can grow. In the skin, collagen provides texture, resiliency, and shape.

The collagen in human skin is very similar to the collagen found in certain animals. As a result, animal collagen has had many medical applications; for example, animal collagen has been used in sutures for over a century. Heart valves used during surgery are also made of collagen.

How was injectable collagen developed?
In the early 1970s, a group of biochemists and physicians at Stanford University were researching alternatives to skin grafts. In the course of this work they developed the concept of purifying animal collagen so thoroughly that it could be used to replace lost skin tissue.

How long has injectable collagen been used?
Injectable collagen was first used to treat patients in 1976. Since then, over 500,000 people have been treated with either Zyderm® or Zyplast Collagen® Implants. The procedure is administered routinely by over 3,500 physicians nationally, and in more than 20 other countries.

What are CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast®?
CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast® are Inamed Aesthetics’ new human collagen dermal fillers. They are treatment for smoothing wrinkles, filling furrows, and folds, and restoring the border of the lip.

CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast® are the first FDA-approved dermal fillers that do not require a pre-treatment skin test, making them the first same-day, single-visit dermal fillers commercially available in the United States. Your physician can offer you the convenience of immediate Collagen® Replacement Therapy without the need for a pre-treatment skin test.

Where do these products come from?
Tissue engineering has been used to grow components of living human dermal (skin) tissue for treatment of serious burns and other skin wounds for nearly a decade. Recently, scientists developed the ability to isolate and purify collagen, a natural protein that is abundant in skin, from this laboratory-grown skin. Both CosmoDerm® and CosmoPlast® are made from this highly purified human collagen.

Should injectable collagen take the place of surgical procedures such as face-lifts and dermabrasion?
No. Injectable collagen treatments are not meant for people who have excess facial skin or for those who want a major resurfacing of the skin. However, doctors often use injectable collagen treatments in conjunction with surgery to fill in depressions not amenable to surgery. By using injectable collagen following a face-lilt or dermabrasion, surgical results can be enhanced.

How do collagen creams differ from injectable collagen?
Regardless of the ingredients, moisturizers work only on the skin’s surface as a temporary cap to help retain water. Injectable collagen, however, is a medical product that is injected below the skin’s surface where contour problems begin and where collagen replacement can help.

Without touch-up injections, how will my skin look?
Correction may subside gradually until your skin looks like it did before treatment.

Touch-up injections will help you maintain your correction and can provide a long-term solution to skin contour problems.




Before and After Injection Photos
The Body's collagen / Injectable collagen

Smile Line Using Hylaform Gel

Before and After Photos: SMILE LINE USING HYLAFORM GEL - female
Before and After Photos: SMILE LINE USING HYLAFORM GEL - woman
Face: injection map

Before photo - SMILE LINE - femalePartial photo - SMILE LINE - femaleAfter photo - SMILE LINE - female

Before photo: Frown Lines - female, oblique viewAfter photo: Frown Lines - female, oblique view
Frown Lines
Before photo - Lips - femaleAfter photo - Lips - female
Before photo - Lips - womanAfter photo - Lips - woman
Lips. Before photo - womanLips. After photo - woman
Nasolabial Folds - Before Photo - maleNasolabial Folds - After Photo - male
Nasolabial Folds
Vermilion Border - Before Photo - femaleVermilion Border - After Photo - female
Vermilion Border

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