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Recent skin cancer awareness campaigns have publicized the risk factors for skin cancer and the importance of using sunscreen when outdoors. As a result, more people now apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. According to a recent study, however, many individuals seem unaware of what is considered being outdoors. Driving, whether in a convertible with the […]
Thoughts of BOTOX typically conjure the image of a middle-aged woman trying to reduce wrinkles on her forehead. While this image has been the traditional BOTOX patient, men have increasingly been seeking BOTOX as well. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this past decade has seen a 258 percent rise in the amount […]
Winter is a rough time for skin. Between the extreme cold outdoors and the heat indoors, your skin may become dry, cracked and/or itchy. For people with psoriasis, a condition in which red, itchy scaly patches appear on the skin, winter is an especially difficult time. Here are some tips to ease skin irritation during […]
Everyone knows it. Age spots on our skin make us appear many years older than our true age. Today there are many treatments available to reduce or remove these age spots, helping us look years younger. Age spots are flat, light or dark brown marks that develop on the skin as we age. They appear […]
Among the many skin changes people notice as they age, one of the most disturbing may be the fine, red lines they begin to see on their noses, chins or cheeks, often by the time they reach age 30. These broken blood vessels or capillaries, also known as spider veins, or telangiectasias, are tiny vessels […]
A summer vacation often means fun in the sun and water, but it can also mean an increased likelihood of developing a dangerous mole. Most kids are born without moles, called “nevi” by dermatologists, but the development of new moles is of concern, because the higher the number, and the more irregular the moles, the […]
Wattle. Turkey neck. Double chin. Whatever it’s called, no one likes to see it in the mirror. A facelift can banish the sag, but not everyone can afford the cost or the recovery time. Two latest lunchtime fixes offer options for people wanting to look younger without surgery or downtime. First is a non-invasive cutting-edge […]
Lupus is not caused or cured by any specific food; however, a healthy diet is vital in the treatment of this disease. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, poultry and fatty fish. A healthy diet strengthens bones and muscles, helps fight medication side effects, reduces inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease […]
The lines that run from the sides of the nose to the chin are lines we are not waiting on.  These deep lines around the nose and mouth, called nasolabial folds, become more visible as people age. Ligaments around the mouth and chin loosen, allowing fatty tissue in cheeks to droop. There is a hereditary […]
Fruits and vegetables have taken on a whole new level of health. Not only do we eat them now, but they are now ingredients in products we use on our faces and bodies. Skin-care products with whole food ingredients claim that they reduce redness, puffiness and even smooth out wrinkles. It seems quite logical to […]
A port wine stain is a benign birthmark that is a result of enlarged capillaries beneath the skin’s surface. Although typically harmless, port wine stains should nevertheless be examined and treated to prevent potential complications. The most common treatment method for port wine stains utilizes pulsed dye lasers. A newer option, which uses optimized pulsed […]
Physicians today offer a wide range of services not necessarily related to their main specialty; as a result, choosing the most qualified physician for a given procedure can be highly confusing. Individuals often turn to their PCP (primary care physician) for assistance in selecting a specialist. According to a recent study, PCPs recommended dermatologists for […]

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