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How to Minimize Your Hair Loss: Simple Suggestions
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

How to Minimize Your Hair Loss: Simple Suggestions
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on July 24, 2013

Girl styling hairHair loss devastates men and women of all ages. While stress is often blamed for hair loss, the way you style your hair may also be the culprit. Many individuals are unaware that they are contributing to the loss and damage of their precious hair. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when styling your hair to minimize damaging, or even worse, losing your hair:

  • Don’t overbrush – Brushing your hair more than 100 strokes each day greatly increases your chance of developing split ends. Instead, gently brush your hair 100 strokes or less.

  • Natural drying – To prevent your hair from thinning, the best method to dry your hair is to wrap it in a towel. If you do not wish to use a towel, air-drying your hair is also acceptable.

  • Stop ironing your hair so much – Flat irons should never be used on a setting higher than medium and no more frequently than every two days. The same applies to curling irons, which should not be used on the same section of hair for more than two seconds.

  • Avoid “long lasting” styling products  – Hair products labeled as “long lasting” may cause your hair to break when combed, ultimately leading to hair loss.While re-styling your hair more frequently may sound inconvenient, it is certainly more convenient than losing your hair.

  • Do not wear ponytails, braids, cornrows or hair extensions for too long – These hairstyles pull on the hair, increasing its likelihood of breaking. If the hair is pulled on for extended periods of time, this can cause hair loss.

  • Wet vs. dry styling – Wet hair is typically more prone to damage from brushing or combing. This, however, does not apply to individuals with textured or tightly curled hair, whose hair is more likely to break if styled when dry.

  • Don’t style hair straight from the shower – As previously discussed, wet hair is more vulnerable to damage from styling. To minimize damage, let your hair air dry a bit before you begin styling and/or combing it.


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Although improper styling techniques can cause hair loss, other unrelated factors may also to be to blame. Regardless of your hair styling habits, if you are suffering from hair loss, contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss treatment options. At Advanced Dermatology, PC, our board-certified dermatologists are experts at diagnosing and treating hair loss and other concerns of the skin, hair and nails. Our conveniently located offices welcome patients from Queens (Bayside, Flushing), Long Island – Nassau/Suffolk (Roslyn Heights, West Islip, Commack, East Setauket), New York City (Upper West Side, Upper East Side), Brooklyn (Park Slope) Westchester County (Ossining, Briarcliff Manor), Bergen County (Ridgewood), NJ, Union County, NJ, and all surrounding areas.

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