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FDA issues new statement on tanning equipment

FDA issues new statement on tanning equipment

tanning equipment photoThe FDA recently issued a statement that changes the classification of sunlamps and other tanning devices from low-risk to moderate-risk. This statement includes requirements for equipment such as tanning beds to have black box warnings against use by those under 18. Marketing materials for tanning equipment will also have to include certain warning statements about the increased risk of skin cancer from using tanning devices. The tanning device industry takes in billions of dollars in revenue each year and will certainly try to convince you that the dangers are exaggerated or the risks worthwhile. Here are just a few facts on tanning beds that might make you rethink getting your “pre-sun” tan this year.

  • There is a 59% increased risk of melanoma for those who have used a tanning bed. Every time you go tanning the risk increases
  • The amount of UV radiation produced in a tanning bed can be equivalent or greater than the sun
  • The excuse of needing to get vitamin D is not valid, as this vitamin can be obtained in sufficient quantities through diet and vitamin supplements

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