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Could Staying Away from the Sun Increase the Risk of Melanoma?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Could Staying Away from the Sun Increase the Risk of Melanoma?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on February 17, 2017

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Perhaps you’ve been told to slather on the sunblock and keep a safe distance from those ultraviolet rays to prevent skin cancer. Recent studies prove this information is incorrect and can actually increase our risk of melanoma. We know this may sound confusing, but allowing yourself more time outdoors is actually beneficial to your health, and here’s why.

Facts about Vitamin D
The powerful rays the sun creates have the potential to increase your vitamin D levels, this means sunscreen is blocking sunburn and vital nutrition your body needs to survive. Studies have proven that low levels of vitamin D almost always leads to melanoma. Our bodies are unable to create this crucial vitamin on their own and require healthy amounts of sunlight to complete the process. Adequate vitamin D levels are critical in preventing melanoma. They co-function with organs to convert Vitamin D into calcitriol, a vitamin which repairs cell damage and effectively protects against cancer.

When it Becomes too Much Sun
Too much sun could result in sunburn, which is uncomfortable, so we need to find the right balance of outdoor time. The trick is utilizing nature’s gift to maximize your vitamin D production and minimize negative effects. You should aim to experience the great outdoors between ten in the morning and two in the afternoon for the optimal vitamin D intake. While it was once believed only your hands and face required exposure, it’s wise to allow as much skin as possible to bask in the sun’s warm rays. About twenty minutes outside should brighten your spirits and allow your skin to soak up the sun!

    • More Tips for Using Sun Wisely.
    • If you’re outside all day, use a sunscreen with zinc.
    • For those dreary days, be sure to take supplements and eat your veggies to stay healthy.
    • Take a book or favorite activity outside to bask in the sun’s generous rays of vitamin D.
    • Once your skin starts turning a healthy shade of pink, your vitamin D intake has been maximized for the day.

Why choose Advanced Dermatology, PC
While increasing your time in the sun can certainly prevent melanoma, it’s a great idea to visit a dermatologist regularly. If you feel you’re at risk for melanoma or are noticing irregularities on your skin, please schedule a visit at one of our offices to explore options for melanoma screenings.

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